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Integrating environmental sensors with a small webcam to extract valuable insights on plant health, Kindbot interprets growing conditions and executes adaptive environmental control. 

We are excited to announce the Kindbot founder's edition pre-sale! Handmade in California by the Kindbot founding team, the first 100 units will feature:

  • Simple setup with mobile app - pair Kindbot with smart plugs and easily configure your grow settings, monitor your grow with a dashboard, and check up on the plants via the camera feed.
  • Features Buddy diagnostics - AI measured plant diagnostics, performing actions on your behalf, logging findings, and notifying you when it needs your touch.
  • Grow anywhere with remote grow and data logging
  • Designed for the home user on a budget - can be used inside a tent or be mounted in your grow room using any standard camera mount equipment


  • One Kindbot device- camera monitoring coverage up to 5x5 space, control any number of smart plugs
    • Smart Plugs currently supported:
      TP-Link HS105, HS100, HS110 smart plugs
      Wemo Mini smart plugs, Insight smart plugs
  • One micro-USB cable
  • Mobile app available for download for iOS and Android

Designed for home growers by home growers